FINA-Exclusive Hero Division

With less than 30 days until we kick off season 1, there have been quite a few FINA announcements.  Well – we’ve saved our best for last.  

We are thrilled to announce the Hero division.  This FINA-exclusive division, is reserved for all active or veteran service members, firefighters, and police officers.  We appreciate the heroism demonstrated by these brave men and women on a daily basis, and can’t wait to give them a stage of their own.

Here are some details for the Hero Division:

  • The Hero division will have their own prize pool at the World Championships, with a percentage of all HERO entry fees throughout the season to go to the charity of choice for the Hero division winners.
  • Any athlete that qualifies throughout the season in the Hero Division will have the opportunity to compete in the Hero division or the Adult Division at World Championships.
  • Entry into this division is reserved exclusively for those men and women who have served or are currently serving, in the military, as police officers, and as fire fighters.

We are so excited to be the first and only ninja league to provide this platform for the real heros that wake up everyday to protect our freedoms, and keep us safe in our daily lives.