Season V – Sectionals Update

Pricing and Registration

Register April 1-April 30

$65 Single Event (Speed OR Endurance)

$85 Dual Event (Speed AND Endurance)

Register after April 30

$75 Single Event (Speed OR Endurance)

$95 Dual Event (Speed AND Endurance)


Registration will close the Wednesday before a Sectional competition at midnight.

Please note that you must qualify for both Speed AND Endurance Sectionals to purchase a Dual Event Ticket.  Do not purchase a Dual Event Ticket if you have only qualified in one event.  The list of qualified athletes can be found HERE.

How to qualify for Finals

The FINA Rulebook has been updated to reflect the new qualifications for Sectionals! If you would like to read all of the specific details, please click here.  Otherwise, here are the key points to know:

  • FINA is taking the top four finishers in each division in both Speed and Endurance at each Sectional, regardless of clear status.  Speed and Endurance will be treated as separate competitions in determining the top four finishers.
  • If there are additional full clears, FINA will take UP TO the top eight full clear finishers in each division for both Speed and Endurance, but they must be full course clears.
  • FINA will not take more than eight full course clears from any one division at either a Speed or Endurance Sectional, regardless of the number of full clears.
  • Athletes may compete at multiple Sectionals until they qualify for Finals.  Once they qualify, they may not continue to compete to improve their seeding at Finals.
  • Athletes may compete at any Sectional they choose, regardless of location.
  • There is a seeding advantage for fully cleared courses at both a Speed and Endurance Sectional, but there is no seeding advantage for Sectional placement or points earned at Sectionals.
  • FINA will not “bump down” the list for athletes who double qualify (Speed and Endurance) at a Sectional event, or who cannot attend Finals.

Please watch your email for more information.  If you are not on the FINA email list, please click here to Subscribe.

Ghost Runs!

Sectional host gyms have the option this season to provide GHOST RUNS.  Ghost runs are athlete runs through a Sectionals course that will be timed and judged, but not officially scored or ranked.  This is an opportunity for athletes who may want to run the course without qualifying for Finals in Anaheim, receiving an award or an official Sectional ranking; or athletes who have already qualified for Finals and would like a chance to run a different Sectionals course for fun. With ghost runs, everyone can try out a Sectionals course!!!

  • Ghost runs are at the discretion of the host gym
  • Contact the host gym directly to inquire about availability of ghost runs
  • Pricing for ghost runs will be set by the host gym
  • Ghost runs will run first and will be timed separately from the official division.
  • Ghost runs results will not be published as official FINA results.
  • Ghost runs are not eligible for FINA Sectional awards or qualification for Finals.
    • Gyms may award ghost run athletes separately if they so choose, but ghost run awards may not be done in conjunction with official FINA Sectional awards.