With our Inaugural event in the books, and a total of 30 finisher badges earned, the big question now is “How to I attach it?”. Here are some of our recommendations.

Share with us how you are showing off your badges.  Tag us on Instagram @fina_ninja.


Each finisher badge has a small sewing channel around the perimeter of the badge which is a perfect way to attach your finisher badge if you are connecting it to a backpack, chalk bag, or something that doesn’t get thrown in a washing machine very often.


We know your athletes want to show off their badges, especially when we start rolling around to finals, but do you really want to permanently sew it to clothing? The best way to affix to apparel is to sew your badges to a backing, and add some velcro to the
back. This will allow you to easily move your badges from apparel to apparel.


When planning where you are going to show off your finisher badge, make sure you plan appropriately. For each course you finish after you’ve earned your finisher badge, you will start earning your bars. How many bars will you earn before finals?