We couldn’t be more excited for Season II to get into full swing.  Coming off the big success of our inaugural season, here are some exciting updates for Season II
  • NinjaWorks – FINA has joined forces with the top name in ninja timing systems! All FINA events will be scored by NinjaWorks. All athletes MUST have a NinjaWorks ID – it’s free! If you already have one from competing in other leagues, it’s the same ID!
  • Speed x 2- All athletes competing in FINA speed events will get TWO chance to complete the speed course.  Your best finish will count towards your league totals!!!
  • Podiums – Every FINA event will acknowledge 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners in every division- m/f and age. This doesn’t change the way in which you qualify for World Championships; course clears or point accumulation are still the only ways to qualify.
  • Endurance, Speed or both- Gyms may host just a Speed event, just an Endurance event or both!