Season IV – World Championships
Ghost Runs

Ghost Runs

Since we started FINA, we have always stood by the ideal that we would be a league that was Athlete v. The Course, up until the very last race.  To accommodate this ideal, and to support our unique double-elimination Round of Champions, this typically leads to a final bracket configuration that includes first-round bye’s for some athletes.  In most sports, a first-round bye is an enormous benefit, but in the world of ninja, this can sometimes be a disadvantage, as an athlete gets faster and stronger on a course, the more chances they have to run it.  Enter – Ghost Runs.

Any athlete with a first round bye in their respective bracket will have the opportunity to experience the course in a Ghost Run scenario to ensure as fair a race as possible when it’s their turn to run.

Details of Ghost Runs

  • Only athletes with a first round bye in their respective bracket will have the opportunity to complete a Ghost Run.  Eligible athletes are entitled to a maximum of one (1) Ghost Run.
  • A pre-determined time-window will be announced at the start of the ghost round for each division.  This time limit will vary based on the total number of expected ghost runs required.
  • If an eligible athlete is not present at the start of the Ghost Run period, that athlete may be excluded from the opportunity to run.
  • A Ghost Run ends either when the athlete fails an obstacle, the athlete completes the full course, or the athlete is pulled from the Ghost Run for time limit violation.
  • Athletes participating in a Ghost Run, must move swiftly through the course as if it was a live competition.  An athlete can become dormant on an obstacle of landing platform for no longer than 5 seconds.
  • If, in a referee’s sole discretion, feels as if the athlete is not moving swiftly through the course, the referee has the authority to terminate the athlete’s Ghost Run.

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