2024 Finals Athlete Information

Updated Division Times

Saturday, July 27

7U:  7:30a.m. – 11:00 a.m.
9U:  11:00 a.m. – 4:15 p.m.
11U:  4:15 pm. – 8:15 p.m.
Masters:  8:15 p.m. – 10:30 p.m.

Sunday, July 28

13U:  9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
Adult: 12:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m
Top Flight:  3:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Course Review and Walk-through


Due to time constraints, no additional course reviews will be given during the division.

The course review will take place right at the beginning of the division start time for ALL athletes, regardless of wave time.  Athletes who do not attend the course review and question time will not have the opportunity to review the course with the Course Officials.  Walk-through videos will be posted to the FINA YouTube page Friday evening and Saturday night.  Please come to the course review time prepared with any questions you might have from the video.

Course Review Times:

7U – 7:40 AM
9U – 11:00 AM
11U – 4:15 PM
Masters – 8:15 PM

13U – 9:00 AM
Adult – 12:00 PM
Top Flight – 3:00 PM

Athlete Wave Information

Athletes should be present at least 15 minutes before the start of their wave.
Athlete who are not present for the start of their wave may not receive both runs.
We will NOT wait for late athletes, unless previous arrangements have been made with the FINA staff.

In an effort to stay on schedule as best we can, waves will progress immediately from one to the next with little to no transition time.  This means that some waves may start before their initially scheduled time. Please be aware of when your wave is running and check back frequently to see where we are in the run order.  If we are more than 15 minutes ahead of schedule, we will pause to allow athletes to show up for their wave.

Once the preliminary waves have concluded, the Double Elimination Bracket will start immediately.  It is up to each athlete to watch the FINA screens and keep track of whether or not they have qualified in the top 8 of their division, and to be present for the start of the Double Elimination.

Wave times are approximate, and we will do our best to follow them.  Any deviation from the expected schedule of more than 30 minutes will be posted to the FINA Facebook page during the event.

Specific Format Details

More Details Coming Soon

Championship Bracket Times

Starting Times for Championship Brackets:
All times are subject to change – watch the FINA Facebook page for up-to-date timing information on the day of competition.


7U Male – 10:10 AM
7U Female – 10:15 AM

9U Female – 3:20 PM
9U Male – 3:25 PM

11U Female – 7:20 PM
11U Male – 7:25  PM

Masters Female – 9:35 PM
Masters Male – 9:40 PM


13U Female – 11:10 AM
13U Male – 11:15 AM

Adult Female – 2:10 PM
Adult Male – 2:15 PM

Top Flight Female – 4:30 PM
Top Flight Male – 4:35 PM

General Course Rules

Click HERE to view or print the General Course Rules

The following General Course Rules will be applicable to all divisions at FINA Finals. Specific Course Rules will be provided in a walk-through (either by video or in-person).

  • INCIDENTAL CONTACT WITH THE GROUND OR PADDING IS NOT ALLOWED.  Any contact with the ground or padding will constitute a fail on that obstacle.
    *Any potential exceptions to this rule will be clarified during the initial course walk-through at the beginning of each division.
  • Incidental contact with the truss or obstacle supports is acceptable provided it does not provide assistance or support. Incidental contact may not be impactful, pressured, or prolonged.
    *Any potential exceptions to this rule will be clarified during the initial course walk-through at the beginning of each division.
  • Athletes may fall FORWARD off the landing/starting block provided they do not engage the next obstacle.  Athletes must return to the starting block before attempting that obstacle.  Any contact (intentional or accidental) with the next obstacle will begin that obstacle’s attempt
  • Athletes may NOT fall off the back or side of the landing blocks.
  • Athletes may “overshoot” the final landing block.
  • Athletes may choose to “link” obstacles and skip the landing block completely.  However, if they choose to do this and fail to make the connection properly, they will fail both the first AND second obstacles (as they did not land the first obstacle, and fell off the second one).  The first obstacle will be considered “landed” when the athlete has full control/grip on the second obstacle.
  • Athletes MAY reset back to the starting block provided they have not failed the obstacle.
  • Athletes MUST stay within the confines of their lane during their run. Leaving the set course parameters during a run will be a fail on that obstacle.
  • Athletes may not engage the first obstacle until the fourth “beep” of the timing system.  In the event of a false start, both athletes will be recalled to the starting line and the race will be restarted. A second false start by the same athlete will disqualify that athlete’s run.

Reviews and Challenges

Click HERE to view or print the Reviews and Challenges Policy

The following guidelines apply to video reviews for all divisions at FINA Finals.

  • Reviews must be presented in a respectful and appropriate manner. Any review that is presented otherwise is subject to immediate dismissal.
  • Athletes may only request to have their OWN run reviewed. We will not review the run of any athlete other than the one requesting the review.
  • Athletes are responsible for providing the video for review. FINA is not required to provide video recordings of any athlete’s run.
  • Reviews must be presented within 5 minutes of the end of the athlete’s wave.
  • Video evidence must show a clear, definitive, and unobstructed view of the disputed call to be overturned.  Any ambiguity in the video will result in the original call standing.
  • Video reviews may only look for the following:
    -Whether contact with the pad, truss, or obstacle support occurred
    -Obstacle malfunction
    -Course interference by a judge or another athlete
    -Timing Issues
  • We will NOT review calls of:
    -Excessive incidental Contact with truss or obstacle supports
    -Obstacle fail due to course interference by a coach, parent, or supporter
    -Obstacle fail due to lack of understanding of the rules by athlete, coach, or parent
    -False start rulings
    -Final button press issues (unless specifically initiated by a judge)
    *The final button is very sensitive and will record the final completion time with simple downward pressure. A slap or press to the side of the button or on an angle may not register.  Be sure to press the button straight down (we encourage more than once) to ensure the most accurate end time result.  It is the athlete’s responsibility to not walk away from their run until they have ensured the timer has stopped. Unless an egregious issue arises, FINA will not review a “non-press” of the final button.