Season IV – World Championships
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Round of Champions

To ensure the best possible overall experience for Season IV athletes, this years World Championships will be the Round of Champions only.

  • All athletes that successfully complete a FINA Speed or FINA Endurance course in any Season IV Sectional round, will advance to the Round of Champions in a bracket-style, double-elimination event for a chance to be crowned FINA All-Around Champion.
  • Seeding for the Round of Champions will be determined by the following criteria in the order listed below:
    • To ensure total fairness for athletes that compete in different Sectional events, run orders for the WCIV Round of Champions will be a randomized draw from all athletes that complete a full course at any one of the various Season IV sectionals hosted across the country.
    • Randomization will occur in the following order:  Athletes that complete both the Speed and Endurance courses during sectionals will be placed into a bucket for a randomized priority seeding.  All athletes that have completed only one of the sectional courses, will be placed into a randomized grouping to fill out the bracket.
  • These athletes will compete in a Head-to-Head event racing side-by-side through a 10-obstacle course that will take a perfect combination of speed and endurance to complete.  The winner for each head to head race will move on to the next round, until only one athlete remains…That athlete will be declared FINA All-Around Champion.

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